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ECIS Training Course

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We are happy to announce that the pre-conference ECIS Training Course this year will focus on EM and CryoEM methods. The course will be held Thursday to Sunday, September 4-7 (excluding Saturday) at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The course is supported by ECIS, COST Action CM1101, and the ISM - Israel Society for Microscopy.

Travel Grants: A limited number of travel grants will be available by COST CM1101 for students participating in the course. Requests for support should be submitted separately with a recommendation letter of supervisor (COST member group) to Piotr Warszynski, COST action CM1101 chair at
Housing: A number of rooms will be available to students at the Technion dorms at reduced fee. Requests kindly submit with the application to the course.

Application: We encourage early registration by anyone interested in attending the course. Early registration will greatly increase your chances of acceptance and support. Registration should be done via the On Line Registration & Accommodation Form included on the ECIS registration page.

Additionally, applicants are requested to submit an email, as early as possible, to the organizer Dganit Danino at with the following information: your full name, affiliation, status (PhD student/Postdoc/Regular participant), and specify if you want to apply for the dorms at Technion. Kindly indicate whether you have experience in EM /CryoEM methods.