ECIS Mission & Objectives

ECIS is a voluntary, non-profit organization of scientists. Its objective is to advance colloid and interface science and to promote cooperation between European scientists. Particular emphasis is given to the support of young scientists. ECIS seeks to cooperate with existing national Societies in European countries as well as with other international organizations.


During 2014, main ECIS events will be the following:

1) The 28th ECIS Conference in Haifa, Israel, 7-12 September 2014.
2) Awarding the Overbeek Gold Medal for 2013 to Otto Glatter.
3) Awarding the Overbeek Gold Medal for 2014 to Prof. Barry W. Ninham, Australia
4) Awarding the Solvay Prize for 2014 to Prof. Helmut Cölfen, Germany
5) Awarding the Enzo Ferroni Award for a Young Scientist.

ECIS seeks to achieve its objectives by:

  • Collecting and disseminating information on the activities of the national and international Societies
  • Organizing each year a conference in a European country in the field of colloid science
  • Establishing working parties to survey and report on specific aspects of areas of colloid and interface science in a European context

    More information can be found in ECIS webpage

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