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Call for Abstracts

We invite you to submit abstracts for the 28th Conference of The European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS 2014).

Late submissions for poster presentations will still be considered 

Abstract Submission Information

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English, via the on-line Abstract Submission Form (link on the bottom of this page). You will be required to fill in all fields on the on-line Abstract Submission Form.  
  • Registration of the presenting author is required by June 17, the Early Registration deadline.
  • A presenting author will not be confirmed more than one oral presentation.
  • Abstracts will be published on the ECIS2014 website approximately one month prior to the Conference. Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for this publication.
  • Notifications on the status of contributed abstracts will be sent to the presenting author by June 10, 2014.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Before starting the abstract submission process please read the following instructions and make sure to complete all abstract submission sections.

The dimensions of the printed area of the entire abstract should fit into a rectangle of 13cm wide and 20cm high. Font: Times New Roman 12 points, single space. 

Presenting author
Full contact details of presenting author, in Upper and Lower Case (i.e. David Cohen).
The name of the presenting author will automatically appear as the first author.

  • Insert only the names of the additional authors, in the order that they should appear in the
    abstract. (You will be able to use the edit option to change the order of the presenting author, or other co-authors, if needed).
  • Use full first name and last name of all authors, in Upper and Lower case.
Affiliation/s (Institution/s) 
  • Insert institution details and check the box/es of author/s associated to that institution. 
    Fields include: Affiliation (Institution), Department, City (State, if applicable) and Country.
  • Make a separate entry for each institution. Do not repeat identical institution details if they apply to more than one author.
  • Text should be in Upper and Lower Case. 
  • Do not abbreviate Department, Institute, University, etc.
  • In the department field, list "Department of….” if relevant, as only the words you insert, will show on the abstract.
Presentation type
Select from the following:
  • Poster presentation
  • Oral presentation - no longer available
  • Invited lecture - to be selected only by plenary, keynore or invited speakers

Main Topics
Select on the Abstract Submission Form one of the following topics that most closely relates to your presentation.

  1.  Biological and Bioinspired Materials
  2.  Colloidal Particles 
  3.  Colloids as Delivery Systems and for Diagnostic
  4.  Complex Fluids - Properties and Applications in Food, Pharma, Printing and the Environment
  5.  Concentrated Colloidal Systems
  6.  Dynamics of Interfaces
  7.  Directed Assembly and Hierarchically Organized Systems
  8.  Imaging Colloids and Soft Nanostructures
  9.  Liquid Interfaces and Membranes: Structure, Dynamics and Elasticity
10.  Modeling and Simulation of Colloids
11.  Liquid Crystals, Polymers, and Gels
12.  Surfactants, Lipids, Micelles and Vesicles
13.  Transport Phenomena in Colloidal Systems, Microdroplets and Microfluidics
14.  Wetting, Films and Foams
15.  Hydration and Ion Specific Effects
Abstract Title
Limited to 25 words. Please type in your abstract title (do not copy & paste).
Use Title Case. Example for listing your abstract title:
This Abstract is Submitted for Presentation at the ECIS2014 Conference.
Abstract Body
  • Limited to 275 words including references (fewer if a figure/table is included).
  • Copy & paste your abstract into the abstract area or type it in directly.
  • Use only standard abbreviations. Special or unusual abbreviations should be placed in parentheses, after the full word appears the first time.
  • Images, tables etc.: must be in black & white and uploaded as JPG, GIF, PNG or TIF. Please note that each image equals to approx. 35 words. Images should be of up to 500kb
  • Presenting author's email: to be listed on the bottom of the abstract
  • Most important: proofread your abstract and insert/format special characters that were not saved in the copy & paste process. You should then click "Submit”.
Submission Acknowledgement
After you click SUBMIT, a system "End Message” will indicate that the abstract was successfully submitted.
You will then be able to "Preview” your abstract and use the update link to revise it, if needed. In this case, you should click SUBMIT again. No acknowledgement will be sent after updating the abstract.

E-mail Acknowledgement & Abstract Number: Shortly after submitting your abstract, you will receive by e-mail an automatic detailed submission acknowledgement with your abstract number. It will also include a link to access your abstract (should you need to revise it).